Jeddah Storm Water Drainage Program (JSDP) Phase I, Jeddah

Civil & Building

Makkah Region Governorate 


Upgrading and repairing of the trunk storm water network at 12 locations within the city of Jeddah. Project requires major traffic management schemes at each of the 12 sites, many of which are located at major interchanges.   Project completion period is a challenging 110 days.

The construction capacity was as follows:


  • 580,000 m3 excavation for storm drains and retaining ponds       
  • 122 new manholes    
  • 273 new inlets   
  • 3,000 m of perpendicular drains    
  • 18,000 m new storm water drains  
  • 1,400 m of new sea outfall   
  • Cleaning of 60,000 m of existing storm drains         
  • Cleaning of 2,400 manholes           
  • Replacement of 28 pumps in 8 pumping stations