Jeddah Storm Water Drainage Program (JSDP) Phase II, Jeddah

Civil & Building

Makkah Region Governorate 

Procurement and construction of 5 dams. The height of each dam ranges from 10 m to 21 m and its length ranges from 190 m to 1,225 m.
Construction of the dams includes the construction saddle dams, spillways, outlets, sub-channels, roads and siren systems. Typical construction needed for these critical areas includes preparation and compaction of dam foundation, supply and installation of infill materials to dam, reinforced concrete lining, controlling seepage by cut off walls and/or drainage trenches, installation of reinforced concrete piping, excavation to formation level, backfilling and asphalting, compaction and trimming of dam slopes.
Scope of work also includes preparation of traffic plan and issuing work permits, ensuring existing system is operational and clear of obstructions and building of temporary camps and offices.