Construct/Renovate Royal Terminal RSAF Airbase, Riyadh

Civil & Building

Zuhair Fayez Partnership/Ministry of Defense & Aviation (MODA)



The scope of work included linking of New Terminal to the existing Royal Terminal No.3 to form a single complex. This new Royal Terminal was used for Royal Departures and arrivals. It consists of two wings, with separate drop off areas for royals and ladies. The Royal Terminal included royal and guest sitting lounges, formal and private sitting areas, and support services areas. The two wings of the New wings of the New Royal Terminal area separated by a central covered area used for royal drop-off. The external works consisted of hard and soft landscape, fountains, lawns, trees, shrubs, walkways, driveways, and covered parking. The scope also included a decorative wrought iron fence, with security gatehouse, a monumental gate with tent structure at the entrance to the royal Terminal. Renovation of existing Royal Terminal No. 3 to create facilities for dignitaries and delegates including new halls, lounges, corridors, offices and baggage handling areas.



The electrical scope of work included design, supply and install all interior and exterior lighting and small power, low voltage distribution system including panel boards, motor control centers and LV feeders, HV (13.8kV) distribution system consisting of 10 HV/LV substations of 9 MVA total capacity and HV cabling system (300 mm2), and Public Address System, etc.