Expansion of Shaybah Central Processing Facilities - GOSPs (Gas/Oil Separation Plants) and associated facilities (Shaybah Processing Facilities Project - Temporary Facilities), Shaybah

Industrial & Mechanical

Saudi Aramco/SNC Lavalin



Total construction of GOSP's (Gas/Oil Separation Plants) including all utilities and support facilities to support the operations such as electricity, instrument air, nitrogen, water treatment etc.


The project located close to UAE border, was part of Saudi Aramco's plan to raise the Kingdom's crude capacity to 12.5 million bpd.  The expansion was to process new capacity from the onshore oil field and was aimed to increase the field's output from 250,000 bpd to about 800,000 bpd of extra light Arabian crude.


Nesma was responsible for the total construction of this project including but not limited to all Civil and Infrastructure works, Heavy foundations, all Buildings, Structural steel erection, Mechanical / Equipment/Piping erection, Heavy lift, Electrical, Instrumentation, Painting, Insulation, Pre-commissioning and assistance to final commissioning.


Our scope also covered construction of Temporary camps and office facilities, for use by SNC Lavalin and Saudi Aramco designated personnel. The temporary facilities included portable buildings of accommodation, offices, common support facilities, recreation and sports facilities, access roads, landscaping etc