Integrated Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, Rabigh

Industrial & Mechanical

Saudi Aramco/Tecnicas Reunidas




Nesma and Partners was the Main Subcontractor responsible for the construction of this plant. Our scope of work was briefly summarized as follows (discipline-wise):


Mechanical Installation: Welding and radiographic inspection, piping pre-fabrication and erection, erection of equipment, erection of machinery, erection of miscellaneous items (e.g. filters, air coolers, internal columns, filling material, package units) hydraulic and pneumatic test, topography, normal and heavy lifting, painting, insulation, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.


HVAC System: Detailed design, supply and installation of complete HVAC systems for all the buildings.


Electrical and Instrumentation Installation: Grounding and Lightning, cable ways (trays and conduits), cables, instruments, air supply, field electrical equipments, equipment in PIB’s, control rooms and substations, cathodic protection, lighting, electrical tests and instruments loop tests.


Civil work and steel structure erection: Excavations and backfilling, demolition works, fencing, equipment foundations, tanks foundations, concrete structure for equipments, pipe racks foundations and erection of pipe racks steel structure, buildings and shelters structures, masonry works and installation, underground systems, supply and installation of pipes and construction of electrical trenches, pits, sumps, manholes, steel structure erection, pipe racks, fire proofing, roads and pavements.


Temporary camp & office facilities: Our scope of work also covered Design, Engineering, Procurement & Construction of a Temporary camp and Office facilities for approximately 350 Project Management staff of Tecnicas / Aramco.