Jubail Bulk Plant Project, Jubail

Industrial & Mechanical

Saudi Aramco


Build a grass-root bulk plant facility and broadly with 6 interfaces for Saudi Aramco in Jubail Industrial City.


When completed, the project will transport approximately 60,000 barrels per day of refined products through a truck loading facility (bulk plant) in Jubail to distribute two grades of gasoline (premium 91 and premium 95) and diesel. Additionally, it is projected to move an estimated 15,600 barrels per day methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) through ground pipeline.


The Jubail Bulk Plant project includes a myriad of projects such as: ten buildings with precast and cast-in-site, steel structures and pre-engineered buildings, underground and above ground utilities, site development works, process piping fabrication and erection, a truck loading facility, and 26 km of external pipelines., temporary Construction Facilities including SAPMT (Saudi Aramco Project Management Team) Site Offices


Site development works, sanitary sewer system, oily water sewer system, sewage treatment plant, bulk plant truck loading facilities, heat recovery/closed drain system, vapor recovery & collection system, dye injection system, refinery to bulk loading pipelines, in-plant piping, electrical works, cathodic protection, instrumentation & control and telecommunications


Construction of various buildings i.e. operation & maintenance building, sales, inspection & driver waiting building, substation building, operator shelter, bill of lading/printer building, security guardhouse building, security support building, FSF support building, smoking shelter, parking sunshade, SEC RMU building, Armed Vehicle Shade etc.