Power Plant Upgrade, Aramco Abqaiq Plants, Abqaiq

Electro - Mechanical

Saudi Aramco/TPL Arabia 



Replacement of the existing Power Plant Combustion Gas Turbine Generators (CGTG 4,5 & 6) with three (3) new CGTG (42 MW) with non-fired Heat Recovery Steam Generators with a new control system. Briefly the scope of work included installation of three (3) new Combustion Gas Turbine Generators (CGTG) (42 MW ISO each) with their own individual Lube Oil/Control. Each CGTG had a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)/Boiler. The new CGTG/HRSG was monitored, annunciated and set points and remotely adjusted from the existing DCS-10 system located in the Utilities Control Room. Each CGTG/HRSG had an associated CGTG Equipment Building for housing electrical and control equipment. The project involved re-routing of one 16" sour gas line, one 16" north NGL product line and one 10" NGL cross feed line and removal and disposal of three existing lines, installation of a new three cell cooling water tower with associated pumps, chemical injection facilities and distribution system, installation of a new 69 kV breaker and a half substation interconnected to existing SS 50.


A substation service building housing associated Substation 90 electrical equipment and operator facilities were also installed. Also replacement of existing 69 kV Buses 1 and 2 and associated supports and auxiliaries, two new breakers, provided SF6 and disconnect, replacement of wooden poles, slack line portions with new bus and bus supports, construction of four (4) masonry wall service buildings to house electrical and control equipment, and offices and communication facilities associated with the CGTG and the 69 kV Substation.