Integration of New Steam and Power Generation, Yanbu

Electro - Mechanical

Saudi Aramco 



The scope of works included site preparation, removal of redundant pipe work, re-routing of all utility services, U/G piping installation, construction of concrete foundations, asphalt pavement, Installation of new pipe rack serving the three (3) Cogeneration trains, Installation of all tie-ins, utility systems, all piping work associated with the new pipe rack, pipe bridges, HRSGs and CGTGs, Erection of three (3) HRSGs, installation of A/G and U/G cabling associated with the modified CGTGs and new HRSGs, installation of HRSGs' shutdown and control system, integration of HRSGs and TCS into the existing Distributed Control System (DCS), tie-in into the existing Yanbu NGL plant electrical facilities by adding distribution switchgear and substation/auxiliary services for the three (3) new Cogeneration trains, installation of new equipment and modification to existing equipment, extending the permanent telephone and data system to serve the new Cogeneration facility and pre-commissioning works.