Onshore Maintain Potential Programs (SA-1, SA-2 & SA-4)

Civil & Building

Saudi Aramco

The work is to perform procurement & construction of three contracts:


  • Southern Area Zone SA-1 or SA-1(Dammam, Abqaiq, Aindar, Shedgum, and Farzan)
  • Southern Area Zone SA-2 or SA-2 (Haradh and Harmaliyah)
  • Southern Area Zone SA-4 or SA-4 (Hawiyah and Uthmaniyah)


The Scope of the project Includes: 

  • To perform installation of all phases of well sites, flow lines, trunk lines, laterals, headers, manifolds, transfer lines and any other pipelines with all associated facilities, such as instrumentation, communication, SCADA, fencing, site preparation, civil work, and buildings in Southern Area.
  • To perform installation of all phases of well tie-in piping, which includes but is not limited to communications, Electrical & Instrumentation, Civil/structural, flow lines, water injection lines, trunk lines, test lines, production and test headers, and any other pipelines directed by SAUDI ARAMCO.
  • To perform installation and/or upgrade of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), fiber optic cable, optical transmission equipment, Ethernet switches, and other WORK required to connect to, pre-commission/commission and operate, SCADA/RTU systems, and I-Filed systems."